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Every weekday at 3:40PM EST get alerted up to 5 stocks that

could significantly gap up overnight into the next day's open

Close to Open Gap-Up

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Why Choose OvernightStocks

Exploit a True Anomaly

Stop wasting time trying to generate returns intraday, the real money is made overnight when the market is closed.

Save Time Analyzing

You're busy with work, family and life. No need to waste time looking for profitable trades, we've got you covered.

Let A.I. Find Your Trades

Manually skipping through charts is so 2010s, let our artificial intelligence bot find proven trades for you.

Buy the Close, Sell the Open

You may not be aware but nearly all stock gains happen overnight, this has been proven time and time again from plenty of research. Our algorithm identifies the best

5 stocks to hold overnight to improve upon this market wide anomaly even further.


How Our AI Stock Price Predictions Work


At 3:30PM EST our algorithm scans over 3,000 liquid USA stocks looking for patterns that have recently produced gap-ups in similar stocks. 


At 3:40PM EST a email is sent to all members containing up to 5 stocks that our algo has best identified as potentially going to gap up overnight.


You can buy the stocks right away, near the close, or in the closing auction and hold overnight to exit on the next days open or around there.

Check out the bot's recent performance

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